Thursday, October 15, 2015

Wheels stolen

I parked my bike at the train station yesterday.  I locked the frame with a U-lock, and I locked the seat with a wire lock.  I didn't think that someone would steal the wheels off of my bike in broad daylight, with train passengers around.  Yet, that is exactly what happened.  When I got back to the train station, both of my wheels were gone.  Its clear that I can't leave anything unlocked on my bike or it will get stolen.  I'm still surprised that no one noticed someone taking wheels off of my bike.  I filed a police report and the police said that they will check the train cameras to see if they have footage of the criminal.  So, now I have to come up with the money to buy two new wheels, all thanks to some thoughtless thief who probably can't even get much money for the wheels he stole from me.   

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